Designing an Ecommerce Website? Follow these Tips

  1. Showcase your categories in the header section

The important part about building and designing a good website is that it should be easily navigable and not make the visitors look for information. Hence, any or all important content should be displayed in front and center. Place the main categories of your product on the homepage or the header section of your home page. Have a look at these amazing E-Commerce Website Designs In Singapore to have an idea.

  1. Highlight your competitive advantage

Sometimes modesty doesn’t help. If your services are great, then you must never hide them. In fact, you should always highlight the things about your business that offers a competitive edge. If you have a free delivery option or a no questions asked refund policy, then you must showcase this by all means. Highlight all your strengths by displaying them on your page. Don’t take up too much space, just add an icon with a word or two. The gist is to make your client understand why they should choose you and not your competitor.

  1. Create a detailed menu

Your menu should be in such a way that it guides your visitors through your site. Make every page navigable so that they can have access to any category. To reduce the scrolling, have a frozen menu that doesn’t move as they keep scrolling. Ensure to keep all pages consistent and arrange them in a logical order.

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